Solutions for all sectors of activity

PCR offers its expertise to large industrial groups as well as to SMEs. The company offers solutions to drive and/or measure free-flowing material and liquid products or solids with serious constraints:

  • due to their nature (e.g. glue), shape or volume
  • due to their abrasiveness (e.g. slag), corrosivity (e.g. lime slurry) or fragility (e.g. fruit, snail shells, etc.)
  • due to their composition (e.g. products likely to be sheared at different stages) or the need to sterilise application areas (e.g. cosmetics)

PCR’s fields of action are numerous:

  • environment: air treatment, water treatment
  • transfer of waste to a processing site (manure, sludge, slaughter-house waste, residue from beer filtration, etc.)
  • heavy industry
  • cosmetics / food processing
  • adhesives
  • solvents
  • manure

Innovation: the company’s guiding star

Founded in 1978 by Rene Boisseau, an engineer by trade and a talented inventor, PCR has always been innovative. The company was born from René Boisseau’s volition to exploit the great potential of one of his creations: the rectilinear compression peristaltic pump. Within PCR, he developed this system for a wide range of applications. Numerous other patents perfecting the invention were filed over the years by René Boisseau and continue to be filed by his son Bertrand Boisseau, who succeeded him in 2008.