It is difficult to list all the applications that PCR has undertaken over the last 40 years to transfer abrasive or corrosive products.
Some of the more complicated ones include:

  • Silicate or glass paste – used in waste treatment centres. A viscous solution impregnated with glass crystals that compacts and reduces the volume of waste.
  • Slag – residue including ash and non-combustible residue from the incineration of waste for the purpose of generating electricity like at the Porcheville-Limay power station.
  • Iron filings glue – With a density of 700%, this glue is used to fix and assemble various metal parts, such as vehicle body parts.
  • Gravel cement – Cement impregnated with micro-gravel, sprayed onto metal pipes at high pressure, used in urban drinking water pipes.
  • Another application of this process is the injection of VICAT, to reinforce bridge pier sealing.